What is laser engraved?

Laser Engraving is a permanent marking printing on alter the surface of the products where it remove the top material and left the inner material visible on the surface.  With our Laser Engraving process, we can accurately produce permanent high quality, crisp, clean and permanent markings from graphics, logos, text, trademarks, alpha-numeric, icons and symbols on to various products.

What material can be laser engraved?

Laser engraved can be done on metal, acrylic, wood, cork, felt, paper, jeans etc.

What colour is laser engraving imprint?

The colour of the logo depends on the base material of the products.  

What type of laser engraving do we provide?

We have photo engraving and vector engraving.

Why laser engraving is charge by cubic cm or inch?

Laser involved with the pointer head move front and back to create a permanent clean sharp image.  Some products may take a minute to laser engraved and some products may take up to 1 hour to laser engraved.  Therefore laser engraving scope is very important.

What is photo engraving?

Photo engraving use a raster-based image such as a jpg, bmp, tiff, psd etc. Black or dark colour area will use more power and white area will not be engraved. Therefore it create a master piece of a picture which is grey scale. 300dpi file format is required.  This option is a costly options as it will take long period of time to etched a products.

What is vector engraving?

Vector engraving produce the highest crisp clear image of text or logo.  Vector engraving use vector file such as .ai, .eps or .cdr .   We prefer ai files version CS6 for faster processing.