Can I personalised name or message on the products?

Most items can be personalized name or message by either laser engraved or by laser cut.

What font can I used?

We use pre-fix font for laser engraved and laser cut names.

How do I provide the names or message?

Just include the text in your orders.  Do provide us the names in a list in softcopy format preferable in excel documents. Always ensure the name are spell correctly with big caps or small caps.

How many words can I used?

There is also limited space for engraved names. Always use short name to allow clear visible name or message.  Our personalised name and message printable area are always mentioned in cm.  Be sure not to exceed the size. 

What file format used for Laser Cut?

File format accepted such as .ai, .eps or .cdr . We prefer ai files version CS6 for faster processing.